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City Showdown: Phoenix vs. Tucson

by Mayra Rocha on 3 Comments

Which Arizona city do you prefer? While many retirees flock to Arizona to settle during their Golden Years, they still have to decide on which city to retire: Phoenix or Tucson. Although both cities are popular among the 55+ crowd and just two hours from each other, they do offer their own set of un

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10 Cities Popular for Active Adult Living and Retirement

by Bill Ness on 2 Comments

Active adult homebuyers are settling down in destinations such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and Atlanta. Today’s active adults have many options when it comes to retirement destinations. Affordable, amenity-rich communities can be found in rural areas, in suburban neighborhoods and near urban center

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Great Destinations for a Warm Retirement

by Bill Ness on 7 Comments

Cascades at Southern Hill near Tampa, Florida is the perfect setting for a sun-filled retirement. In the cold of winter, thoughts often turn to hot and sunny vacations. For retirees, cold winter months can also prompt thoughts of retiring to a warmer climate. There are many destinations across the c

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