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The state s vast unblemished landscape is one of the appealing features active adults look at when choosing an age-restricted community in North Dakota. With a scattering of lakes, lowlands and rolling hills dominating the landscape, outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of activities to fill their time, whether it be fishing or hiking. Retirement communities in North Dakota are terrific options for the outdoor adventurer or for those who seek solitude in nature.

Geography & Climate

Active adult communities in North Dakota are located in the Upper Midwest region. They are bordered by Montana to the west, South Dakota to the south, Minnesota to the west and the Canadian provinces of Winnipeg and Saskatchewan to the north. The eastern half of the state is in the central lowlands and is characterized by a belt of black earth. To the west of the Red River Valley, which defines the border between Minnesota and North Dakota, is a series of escarpments that rise to nearly 300 feet. Residents of 55+ communities in North Dakota will find this part of the state is defined by rolling hills, lakes and the odd moraine. The western part of the state, known as the Drift Prairies, is a specific region in North Dakota and South Dakota that is characterized by smooth hills and shallow lakes that overlap with the Missouri Plateau.

Retirement communities in North Dakota experience a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. North Dakota s location in the Upper Midwest, however, leads it to experience a wide variety of weather conditions when compared to the rest of the region. The eastern half of the state has a humid continental climate with hot and sometimes humid summers and cold winters. Active lifestyle communities in the western half of the state have a semi-arid climate and have less precipitation but nearly identical temperatures. 55+ communities in North Dakota experience wide temperature variations. Winter temperatures can plummet to well below zero although summer temperatures can climb to over 100 degrees with busy tornado seasons.

Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

Age-targeted communities in North Dakota are located in an outdoors adventurers paradise. Its diverse geography allows for a myriad of activities. North Dakota boasts world-class biking, hiking, camping, and horseback riding. The 9,140-mile Maah Daah Hey Trail is North Dakota s most famous recreational trail system, offering residents of 55+ communities in North Dakota incredible opportunites for hiking, cross-country skiing or wildlife viewing. Age-restricted communities in North Dakota also benefit from a myriad of parks scattered throughout the state including the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. North Dakota also provides several opportunities for agritourism, birding, fishing and golfing.

55+ communities in North Dakota also have great cultural events at their fingertips. These include the Medora Musical, the North Dakota State Fair and the Norsk H stfest, North America s largest Scandinavian festival.

Those seeking a more urban setting will find Fargo on the eastern border of the state and Bismarck about 200 miles west of Fargo. Bismarck is especially known for its vibrant theater scene and large park system. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park includes a museum and several campgrounds. History buffs will also enjoy the partial reconstruction of Fort Abraham Lincoln where Custer s Last Stand took place. Fargo is North Dakota s largest city and hosts three universities, several theaters, and art museums. The Winter Carnival in Fargo is a popular event attracting people from across the state. Active adults in North Dakota can also take visiting grandchildren to the Red River Zoo, one of the leading breeders for rare cold-climate species.

Cost of Living & Taxes

Active adult communities in North Dakota experience a slightly higher cost of living than the rest of the country. On average, North Dakotans spend more on groceries, healthcare, and transportation while spending less on housing and utilities. Age-targeted communities in North Dakota can also expect to spend more if they are located in an urban area like Fargo or Bismarck.

Choosing a 55+ community in North Dakota means enjoying one of the lowest income tax rates in the country. Even the highest wage earners in North Dakota are taxed below 5%. However, retiring to an active adult community in North Dakota means that your pension and Social Security incomes are fully taxed. Residential property is taxed at 9% of its assessed property value and the state sales tax is 5%.


Age-targeted communities in North Dakota have access to over 50 hospitals throughout the state. Although there are 38 rural hospitals in North Dakota, the three highest ranked health centers are located in two of the largest cities in North Dakota. Sanford Fargo Medical Center, ranked second in the state, has seven high-performing specialties that include cancer, pulmonology and orthopedics. St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck, ranked first in the state, has eight high-performing specialties. Sanford Medical Center also has a Bismarck location that has five high-performing specialties and is well-regarded in the fields of nephrology and geriatrics.