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Retirees and active adults seeking recreational opportunities, a quiet environment and a friendly tax structure should consider an age-restricted community in South Dakota. South Dakota is the 17th most extensive state in the country but is the 5th least populous. This gives active adults and retirees in South Dakota plenty of open space to explore their outdoor hobbies whether it be fishing, hunting or bike riding. 55+ communities in South Dakota thrive because of the state s nearly untouched landscape and home prices while still offering the urban experience.

Climate & Geography

Age-targeted neighborhoods in South Dakota enjoy access to a wide range of landscapes. South Dakota has a total land area of 77,121 square miles. South Dakota is bordered by North Dakota to the north, to the south by Nebraska, to the east by Iowa and Minnesota and to the west by Wyoming and Montana. Harney Peak is the state s highest elevation at 7,242 feet while the shoreline of Big Stone Lake with an elevation of 966 feet is the state s lowest.

South Dakota is generally considered to consist of three distinct regions: eastern South Dakota, western South Dakota and the Black Hills. Eastern and western South Dakota are divided by the Missouri River, the largest and longest river in the state. 55+ communities in eastern South Dakota are in an area that features a lower elevation and higher precipitation than the western part. Eastern South Dakota has various topographies, including plateaus bordered by river valleys, low land and rolling hills. The western part of the South Dakota is covered by the Great Plains, laying claim to most of the region and giving the landscape a mostly arid and rugged character. The Black Hills are found in the southwest and is perfect for residents of active adult communities who enjoy hiking in South Dakota.

Age-restricted communities in South Dakota experience a continental climate with four distinct seasons. The average high temperature in the summer is close to 90 degrees and the low near 60 degrees. In the winter the high temperature is typically below freezing with lows in the teens. Living in an age-targeted neighborhood in South Dakota also means living with frequent thunderstorms characterized by high winds, thunder and hail in eastern South Dakota, which is considered to be a part of Tornado Alley.

Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

55+ neighborhoods in South Dakota are an outdoor adventurers paradise. There are two national parks in the southwestern part of the state: Wind Cave National Park and Badlands National Park. Wind Cave National Park has the densest cave system in the world that spreads over 140 miles. The park also has the largest remaining natural mixed-grass prairie in the United States. Badlands National Park encompasses over 240,000 acres of protected eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires amidst mixed grass prairie. Both parks offer campgrounds, extensive hiking trails and sightings of prairie dogs, bison and a variety of birds.

Sioux Falls is South Dakota s largest city. Active adult neighborhoods in South Dakota will enjoy Sioux Falls enormous system of parks, cafes, concert venues and boutique shops. Sioux Falls has built a reputation as being an arts hub in the region, attracting visitors and locals for events like SculptureWalk, jazz and blues music festivals, and literary events.

55+ communities in South Dakota also have dozens of golf courses throughout the state like Sutton Bay Golf Course in Agar, Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls and Hart Ranch Golf Course in Rapid City. History buffs can visit the famed Mount Rushmore, the Mammoth Site, and the Museum of Geology. Popular events include the Fat Tire Festivals, Central States Fair and the Festival of Lights Parade.

Cost of Living & Taxes

Living in age-restricted communities in South Dakota means that you have a slightly lower cost of living than the rest of the country. While residents spend slightly less on housing, healthcare and transportation, residents can expect to pay more on everyday groceries. South Dakota has a very generous tax structure where they do not levy taxes on individual wage income. The state also does not levy property taxes, although local governments do. South Dakota also does not have inheritance taxes, estate taxes or retirement income and has a four percent sales tax.


55+ neighborhoods in South Dakota have over 60 hospitals at their disposal. Of these, three are highly ranked. Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls is ranked as the best in the state and has over ten high-performing specialties like cancer, cardiology, pulmonology and diabetes. Avera McKennan Hospital is also in Sioux Falls and has been recognized for their geriatric care and urology. Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City is known for their work with diabetes, gastroenterology, geriatric care and pulmonology.