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Retirees who chose to make South Dakota their retirement home will not be disappointed. Natural beauty all around, vast entertainment options, and tax-friendly qualities, make South Dakota the perfect place to retire. 

Climate & Geography

South Dakota experiences acontinental climate with four distinct seasons. While winters are typically cold and dry, summers are semi-humid. While there is less rainfall in South Dakota than the national average, residents experience more snowfall and sunny days. 

Semiarid grasslands cover three-fourths of South Dakota. The state has a variety of terrain from gently rolling plains to deep river valleys, and barren hills to forested mountains. 

Along with the diverse landscaping of South Dakota, there are also many geological landforms. Needles Eyes, Big Badlands Overlook, Homestead Overlook, and Big Burns Overlook are a few options active adults have for natural views.

Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment 

Across South Dakota there are history and art museums, waterfalls, mountains, and scenic views. 

South Dakota is home to one of the most famous national monuments in the United States, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. There are five national parks and 17 state parks throughout the state. 

Throughout South Dakota there are more than 100 museums, art galleries, and historical sites dedicated to showcasing the past and present of South Dakota residents. 

Western and Native American murals, sanctuaries, and galleries are preserved to showcase the history of the state. 

Cost of Living & Taxes

The cost of living in South Dakota is lower than the national average. The only factor above the national average when considered with the cost of living index is groceries. 

South Dakota is considered one of the more tax-friendly states for retirees. There is no state income tax so retirement income and Social Security benefits are not taxed. 

There is a 4.5 percent sales tax in South Dakota. The sales tax may differ from area to area as localities can add additional tax up to 4.5 percent. 

Health Care

South Dakota ranked No. 9 in Gallup’s Well-Being Index of states with the highest well being. Five elements of well being are taken into consideration when ranking the states: career, social, financial, community, and physical.  

Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center is nationally ranked in three specialties: gynecology, nephrology, and pulmonology and lung surgery and high performing in two adult specialities and five adult procedures and conditions. Sanford USD Medical Center is high performing in two specialities and nine procedures/conditions.

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