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    Williamstown is a town in Wood County, West Virginia, right along the Ohio border. Its low cost of living and relaxed environment has made it an attractive option for retirees. Williamstown is home to a tight knit community with a neighborly feel. 

    Climate & Geography

    Williamstown is a small town located in eastern West Virginia. The area is home to four distinct seasons and moderate temperatures all year long. Residents can also expect more rain than the national average. 

    The town lies along the Ohio River so residents will find plenty of docks at the edges of the city and small bodies of water. For the most part, the land is characterized by low flat plains.

    Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

    Williamstown is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. There are plenty of local restaurants, bars, and antique shops near downtown. There are also outdoor attractions that people can visit to get in touch with nature, such as the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge Center. 

    Williamstown enjoys several annual festivals and parades which bring the community together. The most popular of these is the Ohio Sternwheel Festival, which invites people from both sides of the border. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes 

    The overall cost of living in Williamstown is less than national averages. This is due to the housing cost which is below the U.S median. 

    West Virginia does tax Social Security income but this tax is being phased out over a three-year period and will be entirely exempt in 2022. Residents who are 65 and older do qualify for several tax breaks including a homestead exemption for up to $20,000. The sales tax rate in West Virginia is 6 percent and Williamstown does add a 1 percent tax on that rate. 

    Health Care 

    There are four hospitals and medical centers within a 10 mile radius of Williamstown. Out of these, Marietta Memorial Hospital and Camden Clark Medical Center are rated high performing in at least one procedure by U.S News. 

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