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Louisiana has all the features that make it a great state for retirement. Active adult communities in Louisiana benefit from a favorable tax structure, several recreational opportunities, and housing prices well below the national average. Whether you re looking for a relaxing retirement in a temperate climate or an active lifestyle in a region abounding in culture and outdoor excitement, there is sure to be the perfect 55+ community in Louisiana.

Climate & Geography

Louisiana is located in the southern region of the United States and is bordered by Mississippi to the east, Arkansas to the north, Texas to the west, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Active adult communities in Louisiana are typically found in the southern portion of the state, where the course of the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico create a low-lying, alluvial region. Age-targeted communities in Louisiana located in the southern portion of the state are typically at or below sea level in swampy marshlands. Age-restricted communities in Louisiana located in the northern portion of the state experience a more Midwestern geography, with a hilly landscape defined by woodlands and prairies.

Age-targeted communities in Louisiana experience a humid subtropical climate with long, hot and humid summers and short winters. During the summer months, 55+ communities in Louisiana can experience several days above 105 degrees in the northern part of the state and around 100 degrees in the southern part. In the winter, high temperatures in the southern part of the state average 66 degrees while the northern portion experiences an average of 59 degrees. The lows are between 37 and 46 degrees in the winter.

Given that 55+ communities in Louisiana are close to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year. New Orleans has an average rainfall of 64 inches a year, making it the third wettest city in the nation and also has a very active hurricane season. Shreveport, in the northern part of the state, experiences 51 inches of rain annually. Age-restricted communities in Louisiana only see measurable snowfall every once in a while.

Recreation, Culture & Entertainment

55+ communities in Louisiana have an abundance of recreational options at arm s length. Louisiana has 22 state parks within its borders that offer activities as diverse as hiking, fishing, hunting, boating, horseback riding, and disc golf. Active adult communities in Louisiana that are close to the Gulf of Mexico can also experience swamp tours and witness the region s abundant wildlife including alligators, snakes, turtles, and herons. Active adult communities in Louisiana also have access to nearly 200 golf courses spread across the entire state, weaving through majestic oak trees and the scenic bayous.

Age-restricted communities in Louisiana also have eclectic urban centers to explore. The Old World charm of New Orleans has been attracting tourists for over 200 years. The city is home to nearly 1,000 restaurants and countless cultural activities from walking through the Mardi Gras museum to enjoying a drink in the oldest continually-occupied bar in the country. Age-restricted communities in Southern Louisiana are also close to Baton Rouge, the state s capital, and the home of Louisiana State University, several museums, and wonderful restaurants. Shreveport is known as Sportsman s Paradise due to their wide range of outdoor activities from swimming to camping to exploring a wildlife refuge.

Cost of Living & Taxes

The cost of living for Louisiana is lower than the rest of the country. Living in 55+ communities in Louisiana means that you will pay 6% less than the rest of the country for healthcare, 9% less for housing, and 15% less on utilities. Taken as a whole, residents of age-restricted communities in Louisiana can expect to pay 6% less overall than their counterparts throughout the country.

Those who choose one of the active adult communities in Louisiana will benefit from untaxed pensions and Social Security benefits. Furthermore, homeowners in Louisiana are eligible for a tax exemption on their home on the first $75,000 value from both the state and the parish. Louisiana imposes an income tax that ranges from 2% to 6% of income and a sales tax of 4% with some parishes taxing as much as 11%. In 2011, Kiplinger ranked Louisiana as one of the most tax-friendly states for retirees.


Active adult communities in Louisiana benefit from having several healthcare options. Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans has nine nationally ranked specialties and is considered the best hospital in the state. St. Tammany Parish Hospital also serves residents of age-restricted communities in Louisiana near the New Orleans area. Northern Louisiana has St. Francis Medical Center, Bossier Health Center, and Willis Knighton Medical Center, all with high-performing specialties.

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